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About Us

IPS Consulting is a Limited Company incorporated in 2013.

Our team aims to facilitate the growth of small, medium and large organizations across the sub Saharan continent by providing them with key management insights and applying best-in-class business principles to enable them to develop the capacity required to achieve top performance goals.

Our unique approach is to work in partnership with our clients and build buy-in from the outset. We develop a shared understanding of the challenges to be overcome and clarify the desired outcome. We aim to build buy-in within the organization so that ownership of strategy is developed during the consulting process.

Once recommendations are made, we work with clients to explain the objectives of any proposed actions, key steps needed for implementation, likely obstacles and required resources. Our work is accomplished when clients begin to achieve desired targets.

We go beyond simply providing recommendations; we are available to provide post-consulting advice when required.

Our seasoned international development specialists are trained in business management, economics, law and public health, converge global management consulting, private sector and not for profit experience to drive transformational developmental impact, stakeholder engagement and demonstrating success through photojournalism, videography, documentation, design and publication.

Our collaborative and innovative style has been employed to structure, lead, advise, evaluate and mobilize funding in over 40 countries globally, with leading international development organizations and private sector companies as well as governments.

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